We help your most valuable resources

—the human ones—to function at their peak.


The world’s greatest leaders understand that the best results come not from controlling or suppressing the talents of other people, but from harnessing every team member’s creativity, enthusiasm, initiative, and understanding. Brain-Friendly Dynamics helps governments, corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations meet their strategic goals. We provide the most brain-friendly consultation, facilitation, training, and coaching services. Customized programs allow our customers to improve leadership skills as well as individual, group, and team performance.

Utilizing innovative learning models and expert facilitation, we improve knowledge applicationdeepen commitment,enhance communication, and leadership capacity. The result is increased trust and alignment throughout your organization and performance that reflects your employees’ skills and knowledge.



  • The Art of Effective Communication
  • The Art of Influencing Others
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Business Etiquette
  • Building Strong Relationships
  • Communication Mystery – Solved
  • Developing Positive Relationships at Work
  • Effective Listening Skills
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Mental Models
  • Motivating Employees to be Their Best
  • Navigating Difficult Conversations


  • Adapting Your Leadership Style
  • Building Strong Leaders
  • Developing Conscience Competence
  • Discovering Great Work
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Employee Engagement
  • How to Handle Change and Upheaval
  • How to Manage Your Emotions
  • Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership 101
  • Leading Inspired Teams
  • Leading Others through Change
  • Organizational Trust


  • Being an Inspired Team
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Creating a Listening Culture
  • Defining Team Responsibilities
  • From Trauma and Drama to Inspiration and Collaboration
  • Own Your Zone
  • Performing Great Work
  • TeamUP: Creating Positive and Productive Work Teams
  • The Golden Rule
  • The Multi-Generational Workplace
  • TrustMaking


  • Balancing Priorities
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
  • Ideas Into Action
  • Meeting Management


  • Building Strong Client Relationships
  • Challenging Negative Attitudes
  • Coaching Conversations
  • Coaching for Development
  • Delegating for Growth
  • Developing Your Direct Reports
  • Listening to Inspire
  • TrustMaking


  • Learning to Manage
  • Managing Managers
  • Managing Offsite Employees
  • Managing Teams