"Our facilitation methods create a space where individuals can bring their best thinking to solve their most challenging problems."

Scott Winter, Chief Facilitation Officer at Brain-Friendly Dynamics

Brain-friendly facilitation is an intentional method for drawing out the best thinking in your team and organization. Our expert facilitators are highly skilled in designing and delivering impactful group processes in the following areas:

Board Retreats

Whether you are a corporate or non-profit board, brain-friendly facilitators will work closely with the Board Chair and Executive team to craft an agenda that will foster higher engagement and participation throughout the retreat.

Strategic Planning

Some organizations look at hosting a strategic planning meeting as an event. At Brain-Friendly Dynamics, we see strategic planning as part of a system that informs a team’s thinking and guides their actions.

Team Alignment Sessions

Our facilitation team has over 100 years combined experience in facilitating team sessions.  From team development to conflict resolution, our facilitators are well versed in designing programs that improve individual and team performance.

Innovation Labs

Need a breakthrough in your organization, but cannot commit the resources to develop an Innovation Lab? Our facilitators are well-versed in Human-Design methods that create breakthrough thinking.


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