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“We booked the Collaboratory as part of our annual attorney retreat. It was an incredibly positive event that engaged our entire group. The Collaboratory was a rare activity that was not only great fun while we “played the game,” but also offered deep learning and insights in the debriefing that, months later, we have continued to leverage. It offered new language that we continue to draw on as a group. I highly recommend it to any organization or community looking to advance collaboration skills and culture.”

Harry Nelson, Founder of Nelson Hardiman, LLP

“The Collaboratory facilitators coached us through the game and masterfully helped us beat our lizard brain. We learned of new ways to create together and win together. It made me realize that if I do not shift my mindset I will never win big and have harmony with my win.”  

Yinting Chu, Vice President Clinical Development at StemBios Technologies

"My first Collaboratory created a new viewpoint on the universe around me. Gaining an understanding of the power and potential we possess through our own “action cards” fundamentally changed my life. Through experiences like Radical Collaboration, Wim Hof and FreshBiz, I continue to grow my own self-empowerment and collaborative approach. Each Collaboratory brings me closer to unlocking my true potential and breaking through the blocks and defensiveness that can hold us all back. If you want to reach your maximum flow, and find your true potential, the Collaboratory Series is the way to get you there."

John Pearson, Executive Director at Chico Velo









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