The Fastest And Most Playful Way To Become Hyper Collaborative  

Discover collaborative mindset models and fresh approaches to entrepreneurship in a game!

Our training events feature a game-based business simulation that allows players to practice team work and collaborative strategies-in-action.  We playfully grow trust capital, collaborative intent, self-awareness, and engagement.  We align your teams with your organization’s collaborative values and purpose.









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Unlock Higher Levels of Engagement, Collaboration, and Innovation within Yourself, Your Teams, and Organization

Experience the game that has already enabled over 60,000 professionals across 30 countries to use collaborative approaches to problem-solving and growth.

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“We booked the Collaboratory as part of our annual attorney retreat. It was an incredibly positive event that engaged our entire group. The Collaboratory was a rare activity that was not only great fun while we “played the game,” but also offered deep learning and insights in the debriefing that, months later, we have continued to leverage. It offered new language that we continue to draw on as a group. I highly recommend it to any organization or community looking to advance collaboration skills and culture.”

Harry Nelson, Founder of Nelson Hardiman, LLP

“The trend towards more passive behaviors in organizations is one of the most troubling dynamics in our society.”

– Jim Tamm, Creator of the Radical Collaboration Program

The Collaboratory is a highly interactive, game-based, social learning lab that playfully develops next level collaboration skills.

Leveraging the power of experiential learning, participants transform limiting beliefs, fear and competitive thinking in resourcefulness, proactivity, and trust. 

Within a few hours you’ll discover how to play the game of business and life with a set of new rules and expanded possibilities for success. 

Insights and skills are immediately useful and highly relevant to corporate innovation and culture initiatives.

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leap Into a New Paradigm that Plays by a Different Set of Rules, Beliefs, and Practices

Next Level 

Collaboration Skills



Immediately Useful

Mindset & Skillset




Creative Ways to Engage and Contribute

A Collaborative Mindset

What’s Holding you Back

Your Hidden Assets and Resources

Who Your Allies Are

New Strategies to Play Business & Life



Entrepreneurial Thinking



Team Alignment

Essential Collaboration Skills

“Yosef facilitated a dynamic and eye-opening game session for my team! He challenged and supported us, championed and inspired us. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other in an engaging format — and also walked away with a wider, deeper, broader perspective about the way we play business and life. I highly recommend the Collaboratory for teams and individuals wanting greater accomplishment and fulfillment in all they do.” 

Lee K. Broekman, Communication & Collaborative Leadership Trainer at Organic Communication

Program Options

A Collaboratory is jam-packed with brief lectures, interactive exercises, game-based simulations, self-assessments, individual action planning, and engaging group conversations.


Participants playfully discover what’s been holding them back and shift their mindset to become collaborative, resourceful, and proactive.

 1/2 DAY

The mindset-shift from self-centric to goal-centric is followed by an individual action planning session that integrates new behaviors into everyday practice.


Shape the mindset, build effective collaboration skills and apply new insights into current initiatives within teams and organizations.


Ignite a radically-collaborative mindset and practice essential collaboration skills. New possibilities and insights are designed into current business initiatives.


Solidify a hyper-collaborative culture within your organization where teams spend more times in group flow where creativity and productivity soars.

"My first Collaboratory created a new viewpoint on the universe around me. Gaining an understanding of the power and potential we possess through our own “action cards” fundamentally changed my life. Through experiences like Radical Collaboration, Wim Hof and FreshBiz, I continue to grow my own self-empowerment and collaborative approach. Each Collaboratory brings me closer to unlocking my true potential and breaking through the blocks and defensiveness that can hold us all back. If you want to reach your maximum flow, and find your true potential, the Collaboratory Series is the way to get you there."

John Pearson, Executive Director at Chico Velo

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom is the Collaboratory for?

Anyone who wants to develop a collaborative mindset and next level collaboration skills.  The Collaboratory is for forward-thinking business professionals across the organization who can actually take the ideas and insights and implement them into the workplace. It’s great for HR Professionals, Business Owners, Project Teams, Store Managers, Entrepreneurs, Top-Management, Mid-Management, C Suite levels, etc.

How many people can participate in a Collaboratory?

For team meetings the group is usually between 4-8. Group training events are generally between 18-24 players, but can range from 4 up to 200 people. In our experience we find that under 40 participants is the best. It’s a great balance between diversity of thought while still being intimate enough for people to comfortably share ideas and insights.

What's the setup needed to run a Collaboratory?

It’s simple. A projector and screen for the presentation, tables to place one board game per every 4 players and enough chairs for everyone.

How can I customize a Collaboratory?

A Collaboratory works well in conjunction with a strategic planning session, talent onboarding, team building activity, value alignment, culture initiative, and corporate innovation projects. Please select our ½-day or full-day options to allow for ample time to integrate new insights gained.

How to book a Collaboratory

Call us at 310 774.7396 or email We look forward to tailor a Collaboratory specific to your desired outcome.

Who is The Collaboratory affiliated with?

The Collaboratory is an initiative by the Collaborative Commons produced by the talent & team development company Brain-Friendly Dynamics

The Collaboratory in Toronto is with ATIVEinspire and Melbourne, Australia with Jenark Business Solutions 

How can I as an individual or small team join a Collaboratory?

We host regular Collaboratries at a growing network of locations facilitated by local partners. Individuals and small teams can purchase tickets or get invited. It’s also a great way for HR and training professionals to evaluate the experience for their tool kit and team training events. 

For teams of up to 8 players we also provide a Meeting Kit with simple-to-follow instructions. We’ll set you up to play a radically new game of business and life.

We welcome you to get in the Game! Come play and experience it for yourself!

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“The Collaboratory facilitators coached us through the game and masterfully helped us beat our lizard brain. We learned of new ways to create together and win together. It made me realize that if I do not shift my mindset I will never win big and have harmony with my win.”  

Yinting Chu, Vice President Clinical Development at StemBios Technologies








CALL (310) 774.7396

We look forward to designing your custom Collaboratory!

Our Social Learning Lab helps You Take the Foot Off the Break by Playfully Removing Mental Blockages and Fear-Based Behavior Patterns.